(Also available in German/Auch auf Deutsch verfügbar)

In case you are interested in purchasing a printed version of one of my pictures, feel free to write me an e-mail at for an individual offer.

Printing my photography is a somewhat complicated matter, because most of my work are no "commercial" shootings, but rather me and my friends creating awesome art. Thus I have to ask these friends, whether they are okay with their image being printed and sold, or not.

As for now, all the pictures I have posted on my Instagram Account, are in "depends on what the depicted person says" territory. Do not hesitate to contact me, if an image catches your eye.
I will eventually try to create a non-exhaustive list of images that are okay for being printed.

Cost for my prints (not legally binding)
Size/Material Printed on aluminium
(great matte colours)
Printed on acrylic glass
(awesome glossy colours)
Printed on matte or glossy photo-paper
= about a sheet of A4 paper / bit larger than an 8x10
45€ 45€ 40€
= about 2 computer keyboards
55€ 60€ 45€
= about 2 inkjet printers
65€ 70€ 50€
= about half a common door
90€ 100€ 70€

If you are unsure about which size, and which material would fit your room best, I can assist with that, too.

These prices exclude shipping costs, from my place in Germany.

Shipping costs (using DHL):
Size/Destination Germany European Union United Kingdom & Switzerland
(excluding customs)
United States & Canada
(excluding customs)
Print on photo-paper Up to 5€ 14 to 16€
(untracked 5 to 9€)
(untracked 9 to 13€)
(untracked 9 to 16€)
30cmx20cm 5€ 14€
(untracked 9€)
(untracked 13€)
(untracked 16€)
45cmx30cm 6€ 16€
(untracked 9€)
(untracked 13€)
(untracked 16€)
60cmx40cm & 90cmx60cm 6€ 16€ 27€ 37€

If you order multiple prints, you only have to pay shipping costs once, for the biggest item.